Pressure Gauge

Sheen Kong is a leading manufacturer who provides all kinds of pressure gauge products that are widely used in various applications such as mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, food industry, pharmaceutical, and high technology electric appliances. The pressure gauge, from Sheen Kong is well known for its top quality. 100% quality check will be performed to make sure the goods are of high quality standard when delivered to customer end.

Therefore, Sheen Kong has earned good reputation of dependable pressure gauge manufacturer in the market. In addition to manufacturing pressure gauge, we also provide innovative pressure gauge designing services. Having a strong D&D team to help customers solve problems and satisfy their needs.

We also constantly develop and improve our technology and products in order to offer customers the best products at descent price. Find a reliable pressure gauge manufacturer and supplier, Sheen Kong is an ideal choice!  >>>Product Category

本公司己通過SGS成品整機測試,符合ROHS . SGS是領先世界的檢查為全球的質量保證
Sheen Kong has passed SGS Final Product Testing, and ncompliant with the RoHS directive. SGS is the world leader for global Testingquality assurance.